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The technique of becoming cognizant of bodily processes that are involuntarily perceptible, for the purpose of managing one's senses via conscious and calculated mental methodology.

Biofeedback is an alternative medicine for guiding people to a highly functional state. It is therapy that connects the body and the mind in order to help you improve your physical and your mental functions.
The treatment is based on readings from an easy-to-use
 medical device which assesses and monitors the body’s responsiveness to a variety of situations. The brain's electrical signals emits readings which are accurately reflected on the device allowing for efficient and accurate representation of one's mental state.

The data allows us to properly analyze your functionality and offer bespoke solutions in order to gain relief from a variety of challenges including:

  • Anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

  • Attention-deficit disorders.

  • Breathing issues, such as asthma. 

  • Pain, including fibromyalgia and muscle pain.

  • Constipation

  • Tension and migraine headaches

Biofeedback can be useful to help manage: 

  • Diabetes. 

  • High blood pressure. 

  • Epilepsy. 

  • Substance use disorders, such as alcoholism and drug addiction.

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